Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January and Thankyou Hexi's both for PBPatch

Just finished my January and thankyou hexi's and they are ready for the post. Lucky for me they are off to the same place!!! Joanne look out for the postie and I hope you like them. Thanks for the sample pack and I really need to put in an order for some more papers.
So that's me finished for January. I got the new list and love the set up I think that will be easier to follow and gives us a chance to make a couple in advance. Can't wait to recieve mine in the post I love getting stuff.
Cheers for now Geniene XX


  1. I think we all love getting stuff in the post, especially when it is made by these talented quilters. The flowers are beautiful and I am sure Joanne will love them.


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