Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thank you flower for Joanne

I have had many members e-mail me to thank Joanne for the sample packs. Joanne loves any colour petals (as long as they are the same) and a cream centre.


  1. Thanks for that ... I'm off to look through my fabrics.

  2. Gone to get some fabric out and get that one done now thank you so much

  3. Thank you for having me in the swap ,,I will look forward to getting the details I need to start contributing...Kate

  4. Jane, you have the best fabrics choices for sure!!! This hexie flower is lovely! Going to pick through fabrics to make a little thank you of my own! :-)

  5. I look for some too and she Joanne a hexie too!
    Thank you too for covering the costs of the shipping the freebie pacs!
    Take care, Leslie


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