Monday, February 28, 2011

Hiya! A little late, but never mind!

Hi all,
I know I have been a little too late to come up here... But life has been a little rough the past few months... Its going to get rougher... But I just dropped in to say I was in bed last week, resting and recovering. And during that time, I managed to finish a load full of hexies. I do not remember at this moment which is for whom, but I know they will go to their respective homes soon.

Here's a snap...

I hope you guys like them.
I think I'm done till April! LOL!!

The polls are open

Simple swaps, like this one, are to increase our collection of blocks for projects. They are relaxed and fun and allow us to meet people and have their art incorporated into our quilts. Many of the group want to increase the number of flowers sent and have come up with ways to make this happen. Let's vote and see what the consensus is. Just click on your preferences using the Vote Gadget located on the side bar.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Shannon to Donna

Donna, your block is on it's way!!

It's the end of the month already!

Only one day till the end of February and I still haven't made Narelle's hexi-flower. I'm so sorry.

But the good news is that I finally have got my electonic cutter all set up and have found some great software that will allow me to design and cut patchwork papers in any shape and any size!

Yesterday I designed and cut my first "elongated hexagon" and I am going to work hard today learning how to use the software better.

But I promise the hexi-flower will be done soon ...


Embroidered Centres for Hexagon Flowers

This week I've been trying out embroidered centres for hexies.  I've put them on my blog at

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flower from Jacqueline

Yesterday I found a parcel in the mail all the way from across the ocean. My January hexie from Jacqueline safely arrived and it's so lovely and fresh with the green petals.

Thankyou Jacqueline ... straight away I embroidered your name in the centre. The handmade card was a lovely extra in my parcel.

Seeing double

Recently, a member put forth the suggestion that to make our gardens grow faster we should add some fertilser. That is, we should make two (2) a month for our partner. Many people responded and thought this was a good idea so I am happy to make two a month starting in March. Don't feel pressured to make more than one. We want our gardeners to be happy. Who knows I might be inspired to make three!

From and To Shannon

I just realised I never posted the full flower that I sent to Cynthia. She emailed me on the 16th and told me that she had received it. Here is the full picture. The colors are a little off. I just love it!
I also received my hexie from Barbara in  Australia. It is so wonderful. Thank you!! She even sent me a card. I lust love the flowers, just my colors!

Friday, February 25, 2011

February postings!

Hi guys,

Today I posted my February flower to Shruti in India and a thank-you flower to Joanne.

I hope you get them soon!

Cheers, Jessica


My Hexi for February is now sent. It is sent to Melody Daly,
and also were sent 3 additional letters, then waiting 3 people a surprise.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More mail surprises

Nita from UK sent me a gorgeous flower and hexagon coaster / Mug rug. Just my colours. Thank you, I love them both.


Nelly from the forum swap sent me my February flower. Another brilliant red flower for my collection. Thank you.

February Flower from Hanne

This is my lovely flower from Hanne for Feb thank you soo much Hanne

March comes before February

Today I received my Hexi from Lorraine. It is for March, nice to anyone in advance. It is so nice.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The last three Welcome Hexies

The last three are complete so I can send them off tomorrow with the sample packs from Joanne. Now to start my March swap.

From Karyli

I just received  a beautiful flower for my garden from Karyli .  I love it !  The light  blue vine print is so pretty  and I really love the polka dot yellow center. She also send a lovely note with it.
Thank you so much Karyli  :)
Happy sewing,

Cheeky Monkey

Thank you Melody for this cheeky flower. It reminds me of one of those paintings where the eyes follow you no matter where you go. The chocolates never made it out of the post office.

Let's swap more often!!

I mentioned to Jane that at our current rate of exchange it will take more than four years for us to swap hexies with every other member.  I would be keen to swap more often and speed up that process.  Jane suggested I put it out to the group for discussion.

I was thinking two swaps a month.  Jane suggested perhaps we should have a list of eveyone's birthdays and we can all make a hexie for the current birthday girl.  As my birthday has just passed a week ago I'm not jumping all over that one :)

I'm on a borrowed computer and can't take the time right now to sort out voting buttons, but if you would like to respond with your thoughts or ideas I'll try and put it into voting button form in a week or so.


February block in the mail

Just a short note to let Jorie know that her February block was mailed two days ago, so should arrive soon. Sorry I don't have a picture available.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank you Hexie from Irene

What a cheery way to start my day. Bright colours and swirls. I love it. Thank you, Irene.

 Another one done. Only 8 to go!

Another two. Only 6 to go!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two more hexies

Only 9 to go.

A Lovely Hexi Flower

My February Hexi Flower arrived safely on Friday from my new blogging friend ..Thank you so much Marina..
My flower is beautiful and the card that you sent along with it is lovely too...So very much appreciated...


Kate x
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Making Hexagon Petals

QuiltJane suggested that I re-post the following from my blog in case anyone was interested.  Some people are very nimble with their fingers and can keep the nice small seam allowance perfectly in place.  Not me. I fumble around and at times I seem to be all thumbs.  I've tried various methods but I need a good big seam allowance to begin with, then some way to keep the template in place.  The following perhaps look a bit clumsy but it is now what is working for me - until I find a better way !

P.S.  QuiltJane suggested posting the whole entry from my blog but I couldn't work out how to do that , so have just given you the link.

My first ones!!

Hi, Everyone!!

I've just taken a photo of my first flowers. The brown and blue one was my experiment I did a few nights ago, and the black and yellow one is for my swap partner. Does it take everyone else a couple of hours to sew all the hexies together??? Or am I just really slow and pedantic??

How are you posting them overseas? What size envelope do you use? Surely you don't fold them to fit into a DL size...although that's the most economical to post.

I do love making them. There are so many combinations you can do! I think I just need to get more proficient at sewing them together.

Have a great day, Everyone!

Happy Sewing!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome Hexies - Part I

Sorry girls, I have been a bit behind in my welcome hexies.

I have just completed three welcome hexies. Only ten more to go!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flower From Bell

I almost forgot to share this beautiful hexie flower I received from Bell (Isabella) over the weekend.  It came tucked inside the darling card with the cute bears on it.  Thanks so much, Bell !

Hexie to Kristin

I had to send a Hexie to Kirstin in Canada in January.
 It was unfortunately Febuar before I got sent the flower,
and as an excuse for it, I sent two.
Kristin has now replied that she received them, and that colors are OK.

February Hexie

In the mail today,along with charm packs and cottage garden threads that I had ordered, was this beautiful hexie from Narelle in Queensland. Thanks Narelle, I love it.
I have told Jane but I can post on a blog called "the village quiltersblogspot" and my posts come up as elliek so if you want to go and have a look you can see some quilts , teddies and treasures.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First four flowers

I've now finished my first four flowers.  I needed to get a bit of a head start as time will be a bit short later on.

I reckon you just about need a licence trying to work out how these blogs work.  Always some simple little thing you've overlooked, such as if I want to post here I have to go in through my own dashboard !

So now it's off to do some food shopping and send my first flower on its way.

Sending my first hexagon flower!

I'm mailing hexie flowers to Edda Bjork Hauksdottir in Iceland in the morning :)  Hope you enjoy it!

Editing to add photo:

 The center is really yellow, not orange. The fabric is from the Krystal collection. I loved making them!

Thank you Hexie from Ingrid

I received this gorgeous flower from Ingrid. She wrote, "The children symbolise that we are from many parts of the world in this fun swap." How true. Thank you Ingrid. I really love it and am so glad I am the recipient of your beautiful flower.  It will look beautiful in my flower garden.

Today I received this lovely hexagon flower from Maria (also Denmark) - just the beautiful reproduction fabrics which I love so much. Thank you, Maria

February Flower received

Today I received my lovely hexagon flower for February from Carolyn in USA. Thank you Carolyn it is lovely. (I don't seem to have an email address for you so hope you see this)

I still haven't heard whether Shruti has received her January hexie flower from me. I do hope so as it was sent the first week in January.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've got my Hexi for January from Possum Blossom and it's really sweet.

The letter also contained a few more hexagons many thanks for them.

My first hexi received!

I received my lovely pink hexi from Ingrid, all the way from Denmark! Thanks so much, and your island looks just beautiful!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hexie from Janet

Thank you Janet for this lovely hexie!

Thank you hexie from Maria

A beautiful stripey hexagon and card arrived all the way from Denmark. I love it. Thank you Maria.

Calling for ten hexie Angels

Our two latest and final members for this swap, Jane and Donna, are in need of someone to send them flowers for the months February to June. I am hesitant at this point to re-do the swap lists as some members have made their flowers in advance.

I am asking for 10 volunteers to make one extra flower for one month to send to these lovely ladies. Could you please leave a comment on this post if you are able to help out.


Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to join you in this swap. Just to avoid any confusion as to the colors I would like I'm sending a photo. Really can be any pastels with a small print.
Jane K

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am overwhelmed by all the thank-you hexie flowers I've received from all over the world. It was my pleasure to make the hexagon sample packs for you - I certainly didn't expect this in return.

I'm so glad to receive all these lovely flowers. I keep getting distracted making other things so I haven't done any hexies lately, but look how many I already have for my flower garden thanks to you all!

These bright ones came from Pia in Denmark, Linda in USA, Lorraine in the UK, and from my fellow Aussies Toni, Doris and Samelia's Mum.

These ones came from Jennifer in the US, Leslie in Canada, Hanne W and Hanne S in Denmark, and Doris, Geneine and Ellie K in Australia.

And I also received ones from Brigitte in Canada, Ingrid in Denmark, Ros in the OK, and Kate, Narelle, Jane, Melody, Marina and Geniene. (A couple of pretty ones are missing from this photo, sorry.)

Thank you all, it's been very heartwarming to receive these flowers and all the sweet cards and postcards.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swap Guidelines

I have placed a page titled "Swap Guidelines" for all the new hexaculturalists. I hope this helps.


This is the Feb flower that I sent to Samelia's Mum

 and this is the flower I recieved from Christine from
Time out stitching
Thank you Christine it's wonderful

I love all my flowers can't wait to make a something....oneday....
Cheers Geniene

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am so lucky

Pia from Denmark sent me this absolutely divine hexie flower. The fussy cutting is a dream. Wow. Thank you Pia.  I love the card too and the artwork on the envelope.

Sorry Pia, I am a little behind in sending the welcome hexies and sample packs. Everytime I go to start them, I add new people to the swap. That will be my project to finish this week.

My Sincere Appologies!

I am such a bad blogger/swapper/crafty friend lately!
I am so sorry ladies!
I have been havin a heck of a time at work and have my January hexie all ready to send, just keep forgetting to send it.
 It will be out in tomorrows Post.

Narelle, it should be to you within a week or so!

Ros, I recieved my January flower and LOVE it!

Here is to being more involved!


Hello and Good-bye

Sadly, Toni will be leaving us in June and gladly Donna will be joining our swap.

Toni will be making flowers up until June and then retiring her garden while she has a short sabbatical. Thank you Toni. Your flowers will forever brighten our gardens.

Please welcome Donna from The States who will be replacing Toni. Donna will be starting this month and making flowers for the same people as Toni.