Monday, February 28, 2011

Hiya! A little late, but never mind!

Hi all,
I know I have been a little too late to come up here... But life has been a little rough the past few months... Its going to get rougher... But I just dropped in to say I was in bed last week, resting and recovering. And during that time, I managed to finish a load full of hexies. I do not remember at this moment which is for whom, but I know they will go to their respective homes soon.

Here's a snap...

I hope you guys like them.
I think I'm done till April! LOL!!


  1. Hi Shruti, I am sorry to hear that you were unwell. Your flowers are beautiful and I am sure the recipients will be more than pleased.

  2. Wonderful flowers! Better late than never.

  3. Beautiful flowers. Get well soon

  4. Hi Shruti, I hope you get well soon! The flowers are lovely.

  5. What better way to recuperate than with a needle in your hand and thread finding its way through the fabric? Beautiful flowers. Get well soon!


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