Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am overwhelmed by all the thank-you hexie flowers I've received from all over the world. It was my pleasure to make the hexagon sample packs for you - I certainly didn't expect this in return.

I'm so glad to receive all these lovely flowers. I keep getting distracted making other things so I haven't done any hexies lately, but look how many I already have for my flower garden thanks to you all!

These bright ones came from Pia in Denmark, Linda in USA, Lorraine in the UK, and from my fellow Aussies Toni, Doris and Samelia's Mum.

These ones came from Jennifer in the US, Leslie in Canada, Hanne W and Hanne S in Denmark, and Doris, Geneine and Ellie K in Australia.

And I also received ones from Brigitte in Canada, Ingrid in Denmark, Ros in the OK, and Kate, Narelle, Jane, Melody, Marina and Geniene. (A couple of pretty ones are missing from this photo, sorry.)

Thank you all, it's been very heartwarming to receive these flowers and all the sweet cards and postcards.



  1. Glad the flower arrived safely and you liked it. :-)

  2. Your garden is certainly growing. We really appreciate the time, expense and effort you put into making those sample packs.


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