Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am so lucky

Pia from Denmark sent me this absolutely divine hexie flower. The fussy cutting is a dream. Wow. Thank you Pia.  I love the card too and the artwork on the envelope.

Sorry Pia, I am a little behind in sending the welcome hexies and sample packs. Everytime I go to start them, I add new people to the swap. That will be my project to finish this week.


  1. Gorgeous flower!
    The admin work you are doing for the group must be a huge job at the moment, I'm sure we all appreciate your hard work, I sure do!

  2. Wow, what a great effect that fabric has

  3. It's almost hypnotizing!

    Jane - thank you for all you do. Keeping this all organized is not easy. You are doing a fantastic job!!

  4. That hexie is stunning.As said all your organisation for the swap is greatly appreciated. It must be an enormous job and sending welcome hexies is a bonus. Maybe you could delegate some one else to send a welcome hexie whenever you get new members. I'm sure we would all be happy to make an extra one every so often.Just love being a part of this group

  5. That is beautiful! As soon as I am sure I've found the right receiver, I'll be putting together a flower to send too.


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