Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making Hexagon Petals

QuiltJane suggested that I re-post the following from my blog in case anyone was interested.  Some people are very nimble with their fingers and can keep the nice small seam allowance perfectly in place.  Not me. I fumble around and at times I seem to be all thumbs.  I've tried various methods but I need a good big seam allowance to begin with, then some way to keep the template in place.  The following perhaps look a bit clumsy but it is now what is working for me - until I find a better way !

P.S.  QuiltJane suggested posting the whole entry from my blog but I couldn't work out how to do that , so have just given you the link.


  1. I make mine a little differently, and the thread goes through the paper as well as the fabric (that's how I was taught many moons ago). Is that okay or do I need to learn this method? Mine results in basting thread that has to be removed when the papers are removed. Not cool? Let me know if I need to make changes. I'm an old dog, but can learn new tricks if needed.

  2. Thank you for sharing your method. The link is good.

  3. Donna, your method sounds good too. I must try that - I'm just a rookie at this form of sewing. I think I'd like to take the tacking out as soon as I'd finished though if I were passing it on to someone else.


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