Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first ones!!

Hi, Everyone!!

I've just taken a photo of my first flowers. The brown and blue one was my experiment I did a few nights ago, and the black and yellow one is for my swap partner. Does it take everyone else a couple of hours to sew all the hexies together??? Or am I just really slow and pedantic??

How are you posting them overseas? What size envelope do you use? Surely you don't fold them to fit into a DL size...although that's the most economical to post.

I do love making them. There are so many combinations you can do! I think I just need to get more proficient at sewing them together.

Have a great day, Everyone!

Happy Sewing!



  1. They look so neat Sandy!

    I don't have a problem with sending/receiving flowers folded in half so that they fit in a DL envelope. The fold-line easily comes out when ironed.

    What does everyone else think?


  2. I am posting mine in a C5 envelope and haven't found it expensive.
    It takes me a couple of hours to make a flower from scratch, especially if I am making one that is fussy cut.

  3. I think I am planning on folding as well or putting in a 6 x 10 envelope.

    PS - love the polka dots!!

  4. We newcomers need to rely on advice from the older (earlier-joining!) members. I like your combinations.

  5. I used a small piece of cardboard (actually a post card in this case) for the first one I sent. I left the 2 flowers I sent flat and used a large enough envelope for it to fit. I think it's a size 0.

    I'm a newcomer too, so am always interested in what the more seasoned members of the swap have to say.

  6. They are so beautiful. Great job. I think I can do one in under an hour from cutting to finish. As for the post, I fold my hexie to fit in a standard size envelope. They iron up well. Australia Post rates for an international letter of that size is $2.20 (under 150g and 5mm thickness). If I send the welcome hexie and the sample packs it costs more.

  7. Great flowers. I love the dots. Thank you for the info on sending overseas. I sent my first flower in a bigger envelope but I think I will fold them in half and mail in a smaller envelope now.


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