Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching up!

Okay, so I have fallen behind a bit in my hexies (hard to hand sew while driving over 2000 miles in two weeks!!) I am all caught up now though, and getting them in the mail today or tomorrow!
For Maria H (February), I didn't forget about you!! Here is one of the hexie flowers I made for you:
I made others but forgot to take a pic before I sealed the envelope!

For Quiltjane (March), I made this one:
There are SLIGHT differences from the petals... Fussy cutting the hexies was harder than I expected! I hope this is to your liking. I know it's a little... noncolorful... but I saw this FQ at a quilt shop in Kansas City and I thought it would look really neat in a hexie for you!

And these are the gorgeous and super bright hexies I received from Ros in the UK this month:

I love this swap!!

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  1. Wow, you have done some mileage the past two weeks. I love the hexie you made for me. It will look great amongst all my other flowers.


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