Sunday, March 20, 2011

From the Jane's and the hexi deliemma!!!!

This is the beautiful hexi I recieved from Jane in Indinana
and these two lovely's from our hexi Queen Jane
The card has the most beautiful quilts on it. I would like a couple of them for my bed!!!

This is my little collection of flowers which is the ones I have recieved from both the swaps I'm in and the ones I have made my self. I have seen a nice quilt in the Vingette mag that I would like to make out them. There is 41 flowers on this pile and the 'single' quilt in the mag has 149 flowers and I think 57 white embroidered connecting hexis........2 deliemmas 1 is that I would want a double or queen to go on my own bed..... and deliemma two is I have had this crazy idea of making my Aunt a quilt for her 50th which I would use 50 flowers and add another round of green then a round of white.... now that's all good and well but obviously I would have to take out all the ones I have recieved from you and all the green ones leaving me with only 22 lovely little flowers. I think it is going to take me years to get my own hexi madness quilt!!!! What would you do????

Till next time Geniene


  1. I would just keep on sewing hexies for your queen and make your Aunt a quilt of something other that hexies but that's just me. I would love to see a photo of the one you're planning to make for your bed.

  2. I would just keep sewing hexies, one little inchy at a time! :-) Having a longterm project increases focus and ability to love on others... that's a scientific fact I'm sure! lol

    I do have a hexie caculator on the sidebar of my blog if you want to know how many of those little suckers you're going to need for the final count!

  3. Geniene, that is indeed a dilemma! I think I'd keep the hexis for your own larger quilt and whip something else up for your aunt!

  4. That's a good idea sorting an stacking your hexies like that = gives you some idea of the colour balance you have.

  5. I love your little stack!
    I would only make a hexie quilt for someone that really appreciates the effort that goes into it, many people have no idea! Would your Aunt treasure it?

  6. thanks everyone for you comments...Still deciding on what to do
    Jessica she would treasure it there is a quilt that belonged to my late Grandfather that we all want and that she has!! She has been hand sewing all the seams as some of them came undone so she can understand the time and effort. On another hand I have another Aunt who truns 50 next year and there is no way I would make her one. She will get a simple machine peiced one!!!!(if one at all)

  7. Just remember you can have it all!! It might just take awhile, so I would suggest keep making hexies.
    You have a great pile of hexies there.


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