Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Sandy in March

Many thanks Sandy for this richly coloured flower to spice up my garden.
You must have better than 50/50 vision to do such tiny stitches.  They are so neat I can hardly see them.  I have visions of you sleeping soundly at night while some little elves sit cross-legged on your table and do this beautiful stitching.  I am going to have to pull up my socks !  Seriously, I'd be interested in knowing what sort of thread you use. Perhaps a silk thread ?

I forgot to include your pretty card in the photo with its Australian coastal theme. Many thanks.


  1. Hi Barbara, I was only thinking of you today, and wondering if my flower had arrived. I knew I was taking too small of stitches! I wish those elves would do some housework! I use "The Bottom Line" Superior Threads for the stitching. It's very fine. I use Milliner's Needles No 11, too. I am glad you like it, and hope it will add something to your garden. Have a great evening, Barbara. Sandy

  2. Beautiful. I love the Bottom Line range as well. I alternate between Masterpiece (50wt) and bottom line (60wt).

  3. Thanks for those comments. Last week I noticed that a local shop had a new stand with Bottom Line thread and now you've both recommended it I'll give it a try. Haven't seen Masterpiece. I had been trying Daruma silk in a No 12 needle. Actually I think I need new needles too.


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