Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hexaflowers sent and received

I know I'm late, much too late, but today I have finally sent the hexaflower for the february swap to Joanne.
So Joanne: you know it's coming your way!
I also made and sent the marchflower to Edda Bjork in Iceland. No pictures of the sent flowers included, because I can imagine that the ladies like it to be kind of a surprise what the postman will bring to them.

But I do have a picture for you of the lovely flower I received from Doris (march swap). An adorable flower Doris and you were the first one to add your name and country in the centre. Love it!

Marchflower from Doris.

And did I already show you the beautiful februaryflower I received from Rosa-Munda? I don't think so, so here it is:

February flower from Rosa-Munda

That's it for now. Happy hexing! Joke.


  1. Lovely!!!

    Question: How are you ladies embroidering those teeny names on the middle hexie? As in, is there a cheat sheet on how to make the leters? Do you print it in pencil first? What's the secret??? That is such a great idea! Could I use some sort of special marker on fabric that won't ever wash away?

  2. Lovely hexies! I'm totally in love with the fabric from Doris!!


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