Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nickel Hexagons

Look at these teenie-tiny hexies I'm playing with! So fun, so fussy, so frustrating, so adorable!
I cut the papers at one-line-less-than-one-inch on my Cricut Expression and am using some adorable Japanese fabric that I found in the F8s bin at the LQS yesterday! I'm hooked... again... Jane my husband will be so glad to see even tinier bits of fabric laying around the house as hexies! LOL

And look... those are the scissors I won during the Fall Quilting Bloggers Giveaway... I love them and use them every day!!!


  1. These are incredible. Don't think my fingers would cope with ones that small. Well done

  2. Well done Kristin. They sure are cute...I have been working on 3/4inch hexies for a flower quilt since last May..such a long project but still loving it...Pictures on my blog,,, xx

  3. Are they about 1/2 inch? They are so cute when they are tiny!


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