Monday, March 14, 2011

Understanding Colours

I am having trouble understanding members descriptions of the colours they need in their hexie flowers.  In fact, I think I may have already made a boo-boo in one of the hexies I have sent out. I know what red and white are, or any colours and not brown, but I flounder with some of the descriptions. For example, is the following modern, or is it fluoro ? Or is it both ?

What colours belong to the Modern Range ?  And if you are asked for Civil War or Reproduction fabrics do they have to be exact or just follow the general idea of the range ?

I buy fabrics because I like the look of them and don't take any notice of what range they might belong to so I really don't know what bits and pieces I have.  I just like their colours.  But it's no good sending someone a hexie if it's not something they can use.

Perhaps other newbies might be having this trouble too but I've been reading down the list  to see what might lie ahead.

I had thought that the old suit hanging in my wardrobe was shabby chic.  But now it seems that shabby chic means pretty roses.  But then again I could be wrong on that too !


  1. Oh funny!
    I have the same little panic attack each month a new hexie is to be sewn!!! I do a lot of Google searching and Flickr searching and then just do my very best to come up with a colour scheme my partner for that month will like! I find the best hints are on the blogs... I usually go to the blog of the person I'm making hexies for and try to find photos of things they are working on so I can see what "shabby chic" or "modern" or "reproduction" means to them!

    Can't wait to see what other hexie members comment... I could use help with this, too!

  2. Oh I am so glad you asked this. I don't understand what some of the things mean either. I also buy what I like. I don't know designers or lines or anything. As Kristen said, I will go to the blog and try that, or contact them to see what they mean, or see what other people sent them.

  3. The first hexie I made said No Fluoros. Not sure what fluoro means, but I thought it might mean floral, so I had to make a second one after I reread the request. I read their blogs, too, and try to get hints. I'm hoping to make most of the hexies from my stash, but when someone wants brights, I'll have to go shopping! I'll be watching to see what others say.

  4. The hexie you have depicted looks modern retro to me. No fluorescent colours to be seen. It is quite difficult to match certain colours and styles but I generally have a look on their blogs, rummage through my stash and hope for the best. Basic colours like pink can be difficult as they can range from red, blue, orange, yellow and grey based pinks. Pastel to Fluoro. Pale to dark.

  5. I have yet to receive a hexie that I didn't like, or that I tossed aside, thinking "Oh I can't use that one in my project. It just doesn't fit." I have changed my idea of what I am going to do based on what I've received. I think that is part of the interest and excitement in being in a swap - you get to see what other people would select. If I wanted all my hexies to look one particular way - well then I would just make them myself.

  6. I must admit I have trouble with 'moderns' but I just hope for the best. I agree with what Janet said and I like the surprise element. I don't think I have seen one flower on this blog that I haven't liked.

  7. Many thanks for the response to my concerns. I completely agree with those who said they like every flower they've seen on this blog and I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my colour troubles.

  8. Thank you for posting this. I have not ran into a discription I did not understand, YET. I know I will. I hope that everyone will be understanding.


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