Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An April Flower from Janet in Canada.

Two lovely hexie flowers arrived in the post to me this morning. Thank you Janet, they really are lovely.

I am running slightly behind...just need to sew up April's flower and I will be able to get it in the post.

Now are we supposed to be sending two now, or is it optional? The reason I ask is that I would prefer just to make one a month as I have discovered after a break from hand sewing for well over a month, that it really sets of the nerve pain in my right hand/arm/shoulder (I have TOS - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) However, I don't want to offend people.

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  1. Many people voted to do Two (2) flowers a month but as I always say we are a relaxed bunch of hexaculturalists and we don't mind how many you make. Your health comes first.


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