Friday, April 1, 2011

July 2011

I have been getting e-mail from everywhere asking to join our swap. I am such a softy, I could not refuse anyone. So, from July 2011 I will adding to our group.

One interested hexaculturalist is from Croatia. Stanislava loves hexies and has made this divine quilt. I love how she has separated the flowers with a solid.


  1. This quilt is beautiful. Do you mind if I ask how these quilts are finished around the edges. How do you get the batting and backing on - how do you finish the edge off ? Do you put in half hexagons ? Then what ?

  2. what a gorgeous quilt.
    I will be interested to hear replies to your questions too Diarmant. I want to either applique a solid border around my top or even the hexies up and make them a straight line. Haven't even thought about quilting yet!

  3. Beautiful quilt. A big welcome to Stanislava, I'm sure she will love this group.


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