Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leslie's comings and goings!

Today, I sent out my April, May and June Flowers! 
Wow it feels great to be ahead of the game for a change!
Two flowers are going to Elizabeth in Australia, Lorraine in England and Lene in Denark.  I hope someone in the group saves stamps from all these different countries... Wouldn't that make for an interesting swap!

I have flowers, one from Bridgette and one from Shurti. Very pretty, I must say!

A little bit ago, I also received on from Eada,

I almost forgot, I made a Welcome Hexie for my friend Linda who joined in the last round.  It is in Civil War reds with a cream centre.
Welcome Linda!
Hey Jane... Almost time for another list.... I know, you don't want to know about it yet.... LOL!
Have a great day!


  1. Well now you mention it, I have had ten new recruits which I will be starting in July 2011. I have to make at least one hexie for months May and June for each of them. I will post the new list in May.

  2. Oh Goody!
    Nice to have new members!
    Take care all,


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