Friday, April 8, 2011

March Flower from Melody

While I was on holiday in NZ, a lovely hexie flower from Melody arrived - it really is beautiful and I love the way she has fussy cut it. Thank you Mel! :-)

Now as I knew I was going away for five weeks, I thought I would be super organised and make some hexies ahead of time. Of course the hazard of going away means that my 'list' of what I've made and who to send to, seems to have gone awol during my darling hubbies tidy up! Now I think these three flowers below I made for February and March and also a thank you hexie... If only I could find that list! I'm fairly sure I didn't do one for need to find the list asap, in order to get cracking. I will do some more hunting tomorrow.


  1. What a beautiful flower. It reminds me of spring.

  2. gorgeous flowers! love them all.
    Good luck finding the list.


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