Saturday, April 2, 2011

What hexagons also can be used for ....

Perhaps you already noticed if you have visited my blogspot ? :o) Otherwise here you can see how a spoiled dog can be happy for a handsewed and handquilted bedspread made with hexagons, smaller than those we swap. The edge is ½ inch.


  1. What a happy little puppy under his beautiful quilt. I love it.

  2. Hi Jane

    He is a grown dog at 8 years old on the photo, now he is 12 and still going strong and happy. :o) And of course he love his own quilt.
    Hugs Ingrid

  3. I think my dogs are packing there bags and heading over to your house Ingrid!

  4. The quilt is wonderful, but the puppy is a real show stealer! He looks so happy to be under the hexis!

  5. What a gorgeous little dog, he looks so lovely he deserves his beautiful quilt.


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