Monday, May 30, 2011

Flowers for Karyli

Flowers leaving Sydney, Australia today!!! Hope you enjoy!  Frances

June Flowers for Jorie

Hi Jorie
Just letting you know your June flowers will be on their way across the ocean to you this morning :)

Eye Spy Hexagons

I was looking at the blogs this morning and came across this photo.

It's from a blog called 'The Q and the U'. Riel is making an eye spy quilt with paper pieced hexagons using all sorts of interesting fabrics. I love it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

my may hexie

today these lovely May hexies arrived in the mail from Joanne (possum blossum patchwork) with a little extra something..
Thank you Joanne, I just love the fabrics and I don't think there are any colours like it in my flower garden.

My June hexies will soon be on their way to Linda. This will be my last hexies as I have decided that I will finish my flower garden off. With the flowers received so far and the inspiration to add some of my own I will be able to add a few extra rows to this top. Thanks so much to Jane for organising this super swap and thankyou for the lovely flowers I have received.
If I decide to start a new flower bed I know where I can go for cuttings of new flowers!

May hexie received

From Samelia's Mum.  Isn't it lovely!  Thanks so much Anorina.

I'm not even going to try and turn this photo around.  Blogger is just being too persnickety these days.  


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you Irene...

...for these lovely hexagon flowers.  They came all the way from El Paso to Melbourne and I love them.  They are both very pretty.  Thank you so much, Irene.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Flowers for Christine

Just letting you know your flowers are on their way! I posted them today!
Happy hexie gardening,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Because Hexie

I wanted to share with my fellow hexaculturalists this lovely flower I received from Melody. A winning trifecta as I love poodles, turquoise and polkadots. She knows me well. Thank you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Glorious Hexies

I've been very slow posting photos of my blue and green hexies, so here's a glorious picture of them all together!

Left to right they are:
row 1: Joke, Hanne S, Toni,
row 2: Janet (x2), Hanne W (x2)
row 3: Donna, Lorraine, Jane

Ros x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Inchy Hexagon Swap is closed for 2011 - Welcome new members

Sadly, I have decided to close the Swap for 2011 and take on no more members until next year.  I have a flood of requests funnelling though the Flickr site, word of mouth and the Blog world to join. Here is a list of a new and final members for 2011.

  1. Gemma (Spain)
  2. Anette (Denmark)
  3. Paula (Victoria, Aus)
  4. Heather (UK)
  5. Ellen (IN, USA)
  6. Lynette (QLD, Aus)
  7. Susan (MS, USA)
  8. Dawn (UK)
  9. Jan (CA, USA)
  10. Patti (MN, USA)
  11. Anna (Netherlands)
  12. Bec (VIC, Aus)
  13. Karen (VIC, Aus)
  14. Kathie (PA, USA)
  15. Debra (QLD, Aus)
  16. Natalie (VIC, Aus)
  17. Lori (TN, USA)
  18. Simona (Croatia)

I will be issuing updated members list, swap rosters and welcome hexies to the new hexaculturalists soon. Of course, everyone else will be getting the new lists as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flower from Lorraine!

Good Morning!
It is our May long weekend this weekend!
I took Friday off, so a bit of a vacation, 4 lovely days!
I have many big plans and plans to just sew, we'll see what wins!
Here is a pretty flower from Lorraine at The Balancing Kiwi and a pretty card to match.
Sew Chabby Chiq!
I'm not sure if you can tell, but the petals alternate with a soft green and soft blue in the background with the pink roses!
 Thanks Lorraine!
Take care, Enjoy your weekend safely,

Friday, May 20, 2011

An Overnighter

I am proud to say that I will completely catch up over the weekend - I will be attending the Relay for Life as a chaperone! =) Ladies, the hexies are LOVELY and I love to sit and read through the blog just looking.


From Sandy to Shannon

I received this flower from Sandy in New South Wells. How exciting. I LOVE Koala's. They are so sweet!! I love this flower, just perfect for my garden.

Not one, not two...... but three!!

This beautiful flower is from Sandi of Cookies and Cream Craft. Thank you Sandi!!


These two lovely flowers are from Kate in Oz....Thank you Kate, I knew they would be perfect!To top it all off, they arrived together on my birthday. How did you ladies know :o)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

April Flowers from Geniene

I found a parcel in my mailbox yesterday and what a surprise. Not 2 but 4 beautiful flowers from Geniene. Love the sweet pink butterfly centre ... thankyou Geniene :)

May Hexie from Marina

Thank you Marina for my gorgeous flowers. The fussy cutting has created some great designs for the petals.

I also loved the card you sent. 

It is a pleasure organising the swap and knowing the joy people get making and receiving these small, unassuming flowers.

Hexi's sent

I put two red and white hexi's in the mail yesterday! I won't say who my partner is, she will have to guess! Hope you enjoy!

Cynthia L.

Interesting Hexie Quilt

I came across this hexie flower quilt on a fellow blogger's site. She had been to a small quilt show and I thought this was most interesting.  Can you see how some of the flowers seem to be peeping out from underneath others.  I like this.  It would leave a few gaps to fill in with background coloured hexies but it could be most effective.

Flowers from Anne-Mette

These are the lovely flowers I've received from Anne-Mette.  They are just beautiful and will work great in my growing garden.  Thank you so much!
Anne-Mette ~ Yours are on their way.  Hope you see them soon!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A second Flower from Shannon !

Thank you very much Shannon!

 My little garden so far!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday

May and June flowers done for Lene and Kristin

I have now 15 new members so I had to complete my May and June flowers before I start on the welcome hexies. I will post shortly the new member lists and swap rosters for July 2011 - Dec 2011.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Flowers from Hanne

My May flowers arrived safely today from Hanne in Denmark...Thank you so much Hanne ...the flowers are beautiful and you have chosen my favorite colours...These are certainly going to look lovely in my garden...Happy Stitching...Kate in Oz xx

For Karyli

Just was to check too, if you have recived my May-flower-letter? It should have been there by now.

For Lene

Was wondering if you've received the two flowers I mailed to you? If I missed your post, I apologize. Just checking!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jacquline's Flowers from Doris (May)

Doris has made these two beautiful flowers for Jacqueline in the States. They will be heading your way soon.

More Flowers for my garden

Thank you Barbara two more beautiful flowers to add to my garden!!! Frances

Sunday, May 15, 2011

April, May and June Hexies

Hi girls,
this is just to show you all the pretty Hexies I received during the last weeks - April Hexies from Kathleen Hocevar, Australia, May Hexies from Sunny Schroeder, USA and June Hexies from Geniene Barbour, Australia (I am impressed that you have already finished your June Hexies).
Thank you all - they are so nice.
And I made some Kaffe Fasset Hexies for Maria Harrits here in Denmark - she loves strong colors.
Kind regards
Hanne Wolff - Denmark

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just Checking

Hi again,

I was just checking the blog to see if my hexies were received from Linda M and Natasha S. I didn't see them. Have you received them yet, Girls? I worry about the Post sometimes! I sent them the last week of April. I forgot to take a photo of both of yours, Linda and Natasha, could you email me a photo please.

I'm wondering, too, if my March hexie from Shauna has got lost in the post. Shauna, when did you post it?

I'm sending my "extra" May hexie to Jane today, and my June hexie to Shannon, too. I remembered to take photos this time. Hope you girls like them.

I'll be taking some time away from hexie making for the next few months. Just too many obligations at the moment....but I'll be back. I love making and receiving them. I'm getting faster at making them, too!

Have a wonderful day, Everyone! *grin*

My May Hexie

Thanks, Linda for my wonderful Hexie! *grin*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Linda to Barbara

Many thanks Linda for this sweet flower which fits in beautifully with what I have worked on this week. You  are pretty good lining up all that fancy cutting onto the template.  Mine slip all over the place.
See how well it fits with my efforts for this week - great minds think alike.
And I really appreciated the card - no-one has ever called me a classy woman before.  I Laike It !!
Thank you Lorraine aka The Balancing Kiwi

Many thanks to Lorraine for this beautiful Hexie flower which has just arrived along with a very special card..The colours and the fabrics are gorgeous...and it is a very welcome addition to my flower garden..Kate xx

May flowers are on there way

My May flowers are on there way to Jane,a new member in USA,,,I hope you like these Jane and that they meet with your request.Enjoy your stitching...Hugs Kate in Oz xx

May Flower for Janet

Here's my May flower on it's way to Janet in Canada.

And here is how my flower garden looks so far:

Thank you Hexie from Lorraine (aka Balancing Kiwi)

NZ fabric and my favourite - William Morris design on card
Thank you Lorraine for this stunning flower. I can see a Maori design in the fabric. Absolutely beautiful.

Two Beauties from Elizabeth

I received these two beautiful hexie flowers from Elizabeth.  I just love the fabrics in both of the flowers.  She included a cute little butterfly and a wonderful postcard, too.  Thank you so very much, Elizabeth!

Linda G
Stray Stitches

hexies from Leslie

These beautiful hexies arrived in the post yesterday from Leslie in Canada. As we look forward to clod weather here in Australia, she is looking to sunshine and said that she hoped that I would look to these flowers for a bit of spring. Sure will. Thanks Leslie

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flowers received from Cynthia

These beautiful flowers were received today in Sydney from the USA.  Thanks Cynthia they are a great addition to my growing garden!!! Thanks I love them . Frances

May/June Flowers in the Mail

My May flowers are on their way to Kristin. My June flowers blossomed early too and are on the way the Jacqueline.
Both lots of flowers are travelling far far away over the sea and may take a couple weeks to arrive.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Shannon to past partners

After we voted and decided to start sending out two flowers at a time to the same person I felt bad for my former partners. So I went back and made flowers for them. Here are few a sneak peeks ladies.

Cynthia Landrie

Donna Gettings-Apperson

Marta Antoine
They are on there way to you. 

From Shannon to Linda

Linda asked for red, taupes or brown civil war fabrics. I had none. LOL! I bought a few different colors and I have decided I like civil war fabrics. Linda I hope that you like them.

On The Q and the U (Quietly Quilting in Quispamsis) she showed a mini quilt that was made out of 1801 1/4 inch hexies. I feel in love with them. They are so cute! I made two. Can syou see the dime. They are smaller. We will see how far I can get. LOL!!

Spring Pansies from Leslie

Two gorgeous spring pansies arrived from Leslie in Canada this afternoon.

Thank you so much Leslie, they really are gorgeous!

Friday, May 6, 2011

How about some hexies?

Here are a bunch of hexies, it really is nice getting two in a package, my collection is growing!
I've started putting address info, colour combo info on a recipe card, but that in a little ziplock bag with my paper templates and fabric pieces. I figure I'm going to have a little collection of what I sent to people, if I don't decide to file it under G before we are done. It is really nice to see the group growing so well, pat on the back to Jane for keeping tabs on everyone and organizing us all!

One: this pretty pink flower is from Edda, she lives in Iceland. What a pretty scene in the postcard!

TWO: these beautiful blue (my favorite colour) hexies are from Christine who lives Down Under! LOL!

All of these are just wonderful, my garden is growing! I didn't think about a picture of my garden until now, maybe I'll show you those another time...
Go to my Les Quilts blog for more exciting news....
Have a great Mother's Day!
Take care, Leslie

Thursday, May 5, 2011

missing hexie for Shruti

Would just like to find out if my wayward Hexie has arrived for Shruti yet and whether we should wait any longer before I replace the  missing flower?
Please let me know Shruti what you would like me to do...
Love all the flowers blooming.

Gorgeous Hexies from Texas

I got these gorgeous Hexies from Irene in El Paso, Texas yesterday. Thank you veru much, Irene! I love them.