Saturday, May 7, 2011

From Shannon to Linda

Linda asked for red, taupes or brown civil war fabrics. I had none. LOL! I bought a few different colors and I have decided I like civil war fabrics. Linda I hope that you like them.

On The Q and the U (Quietly Quilting in Quispamsis) she showed a mini quilt that was made out of 1801 1/4 inch hexies. I feel in love with them. They are so cute! I made two. Can syou see the dime. They are smaller. We will see how far I can get. LOL!!


  1. Shannon ! 1/4 inch hexies ! I would say that you are an absolute glutton for punishment !!!!! I was just looking at my thumb and forefinger and trying to imagine holding something so small to sew on. I think I am doing well managing a 1" hexie !

  2. Oh my gosh! Those hexis are so small. I can't imagine begin able to work with something that small. I look forward tos eeing what you come up with.


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