Friday, May 6, 2011

How about some hexies?

Here are a bunch of hexies, it really is nice getting two in a package, my collection is growing!
I've started putting address info, colour combo info on a recipe card, but that in a little ziplock bag with my paper templates and fabric pieces. I figure I'm going to have a little collection of what I sent to people, if I don't decide to file it under G before we are done. It is really nice to see the group growing so well, pat on the back to Jane for keeping tabs on everyone and organizing us all!

One: this pretty pink flower is from Edda, she lives in Iceland. What a pretty scene in the postcard!

TWO: these beautiful blue (my favorite colour) hexies are from Christine who lives Down Under! LOL!

All of these are just wonderful, my garden is growing! I didn't think about a picture of my garden until now, maybe I'll show you those another time...
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Have a great Mother's Day!
Take care, Leslie

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