Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Inchy Hexagon Swap is closed for 2011 - Welcome new members

Sadly, I have decided to close the Swap for 2011 and take on no more members until next year.  I have a flood of requests funnelling though the Flickr site, word of mouth and the Blog world to join. Here is a list of a new and final members for 2011.

  1. Gemma (Spain)
  2. Anette (Denmark)
  3. Paula (Victoria, Aus)
  4. Heather (UK)
  5. Ellen (IN, USA)
  6. Lynette (QLD, Aus)
  7. Susan (MS, USA)
  8. Dawn (UK)
  9. Jan (CA, USA)
  10. Patti (MN, USA)
  11. Anna (Netherlands)
  12. Bec (VIC, Aus)
  13. Karen (VIC, Aus)
  14. Kathie (PA, USA)
  15. Debra (QLD, Aus)
  16. Natalie (VIC, Aus)
  17. Lori (TN, USA)
  18. Simona (Croatia)

I will be issuing updated members list, swap rosters and welcome hexies to the new hexaculturalists soon. Of course, everyone else will be getting the new lists as well.


  1. oooo i soooo hope i am the Bec from Vic :D

  2. Thanks for all your hard work, Jane. People haven't been slow to cotton on how interesting it is to belong to this swap but I think you did the right thing in limiting the numbers. Bad luck for those who missed out but you need to keep it down to a number you can manage. Many thanks.

  3. Gosh this is popular, welcome to the new members and thanks for a great job Jane.

  4. Wow im in yayyyyyyyyyyyyy sooooooo happy :)
    Just getting into hexi's and loving them spent the whle Malvern show looking for fabrics to use on them !!!
    Thank you Jane xxx

  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I'm in, can't wait to start
    sewing hexies

  6. Thank you so much cant wait to get started!
    Heather x

  7. So happy to be included in this group...lots of different countries represented and I can't wait to get started swapping. Jan

  8. Looks like i made it..!! thanks so much
    Cant wait to get started on my first hexie

  9. Thank you so much. Cant wait to get started.Thanks for all your hard work Jane.


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