Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just Checking

Hi again,

I was just checking the blog to see if my hexies were received from Linda M and Natasha S. I didn't see them. Have you received them yet, Girls? I worry about the Post sometimes! I sent them the last week of April. I forgot to take a photo of both of yours, Linda and Natasha, could you email me a photo please.

I'm wondering, too, if my March hexie from Shauna has got lost in the post. Shauna, when did you post it?

I'm sending my "extra" May hexie to Jane today, and my June hexie to Shannon, too. I remembered to take photos this time. Hope you girls like them.

I'll be taking some time away from hexie making for the next few months. Just too many obligations at the moment....but I'll be back. I love making and receiving them. I'm getting faster at making them, too!

Have a wonderful day, Everyone! *grin*

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