Thursday, May 5, 2011

missing hexie for Shruti

Would just like to find out if my wayward Hexie has arrived for Shruti yet and whether we should wait any longer before I replace the  missing flower?
Please let me know Shruti what you would like me to do...
Love all the flowers blooming.


  1. I posted a hexie to Shruti for February too, it seems to be MIA!

  2. Likewise, I still don't know if the hexie I made Shruti and posted on 5th January has arrived!

  3. I don't know if Shruti received my two either.

  4. Hey guys,
    There has been a LOT OF problem with my local PO! Some of my ordered fabric hasn't arrived since DEC! Its not gone back either... I'm in touch with the PO and they tell me that it might have been held up in the customs! Lets hope your hexies are keeping them company and will be on their way to me soon...

  5. Thanks Shruti, it looks like mine isn't the only one. I was just worried that you would miss out, but it looks like you will have heaps of mail once it gets through!
    Keep us posted.

  6. Guys I just left town today to attend a family function... And while I was putting my stuff onto the bike (DH was dropping me to the inter-city bus stand) the Man in blue arrived with about a dozen yellow envelopes!!! My order from december arrived too!!! Yay!!! I'll checkback later (when I get back home on tuesday) who I have received from and get back to you!



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