Monday, July 11, 2011

Hexies Coming and Going!

Good Morning, Yeah, I know, It is Monday :(
but it is sunny, will be a high of 24 celcius, I think about 72-73 F. I can get thru those temps!
I just wanted to share some hexies with you....
These are from Ingred in Denmark...
She described where she lived on the back of the post card, now I want to travel to Denmark! It sounds so beautiful! I wonder if Ingrid and Pia are going to have a face to face trade for their hexies like Jacqueline and I did !

Here are hexies going to Pia in Denmark! Too bad I couldn't shrink wrap myself in the envelope!
Sorry these are so dark in the picture Pia!
I have lots of quilt photos from volunteering at our local Museum, I have to work on those posts over the week. Linda and I were surprised how many people came to see the quilts. Many people from out of town, knew people with quilts in the show or heard about the show from previous residents to the area! I never realized!
Plus I have to get the 2nd part of shopping in the City post done, I saved the best for last!
Hope you have a Happy Monday!
Take care, Leslie


  1. Wow, you lucky girl. Have a wonderful Tuesday (in Australia)

  2. Hi Leslie
    Glad to hear that the flowers arrived safely .:o)


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