Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thought I'd made July flowers...

Today I made my July hexie flowers...

In progress.

Completed. Only to find I hadn't made July's flowers but rather Septembers! Oops.

Tomorrow I'll have to make the flowers for July. I must have mixed my two lists up.

I don't know if any flowers were sent to me for June, but I didn't receive any. Hope they haven't gone awol.


  1. Glad someone else makes that mistake. I made the August ones by mistake, too, so when I then made the July hexies I posted both lots off. Someone is getting their August ones early !

  2. I just realised that I'd received my September hexies instead of the July ones... obviously a common mistake. I better go make sure I'm making the right ones too ;)

  3. At least you'll be ready for September!!
    Maybe some people are running a bit behind, I haven't received any for a while either!

  4. LOL! Don't worry. I love them. Your early now!


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