Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In the Mail for Natalie Sloley

Hi Natalie
I hope the flowers fit in your garden. They were mailed yesterday.

Sneak peek from pbpatch

Here's a sneak peek of the flowers I've just made for my August partner.

I know, I know, I'm always late! So this time I made my September flowers at the same time.

I'll post them all tomorrow. I hope you like them!

Welcome Hexagons Arrived !!!

Just a Quick post to let Leslie know my welcome hexie's arrived-
They are perfectly gorgeous -
I absolutely love the colors of the fabrics you chose:
 Thank you sooooo very much !!!!!

To Linda ,

August flowers for you are in the post and here is your sneak peek.

Simona from

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kristin...its on its way

i am sorry for the delay to upload this
but honestly...just very little time
i use one of these all day for work
so my brain needs a rest
and my hands get to work
thank you for your patience
i hope you like my little extra
Debra x

To Jane Kerr

Hi Jane,

I need your email address please as I think my August Flowers to you will be a bit late and I wanted to let you know. As your request was quite specific I had trouble locating fabric so I am hoping that what I have chosen will suit your needs. (asked at quilting shop and they hadn't heard of them, found some examples on line, but all overseas). Hopefully they will be in the post to you in the next few days.

Lorraine aka

From Shannon to Ingrid

Here is your sneak peek. They will be on their way to you soon. I hope they are what you wanted. I sure had fun making them!

From Shannon to Janet

Hello Janet, I am sorry that these are late. But they are finished and will be on their way to you soon. Here is a sneak peek for you. Have a great day!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes! August Hexie Flowers Received from Kris in Missouri

Thanks so much, Kris, for the beautiful hexie flowers.  They're gorgeous and will look beautiful in my garden.   I love the colors you chose.  I'm happy :)

Thank you Dawn!

I received these beautiful hexies yesterday from Dawn.  I just love them, and they will be perfect in my garden.  Thanks Dawn!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

July flowers & more from Anne

Recently I received my july flowers from Anne. But she didn't just sent me flowers, but after having seen on my blog that I'm also a postcard- and bookmarkcollector she included some lovely postcards and a magnetbookmark.
Anne, I already thanked you privately, but again: thank you so much for spoiling me....

Shabby goodness on the way to Canada

September hexies 
on their way to Canada for Leslie

I just loved working with this pretty fabric
I hope you like them too
with love from
Heather (The Patchwork Heart)
in England

Little Angels

Sometimes out of the blue comes a beautiful gift from Heaven. In this case, it was two little Angels who made a heap of hexies for me to use as spares when members hexies went MIA (missing in action). I am very touched by your generosity and will put them to good use.

Anette from Denmark made these beautiful flowers.
Elizabeth from Australia made these gorgeous flowers (and one for me)

Thank you Marta

These beautiful hexie flowers came all the way from Florida.  Thank you so much Marta.  They will look wonderful in my garden.
 This little hexie flower is on its way to Jane to help her garden grow.
 I sent my August hexie flowers on August 5th and haven't heard if they have arrived. Hopefully they did if not I'll send some more.  I'd be grateful if Kathryn would let me know.

From Anorina and Lorraine to Shannon

I have had these flowers for a long time. I am sorry that I am just now posting about them. For those of you who do not know my son got married on August 13th. He and his bride our living at our house for a while. So between the wedding and the reception, helper her and my oldest daughter get their drivers licences plus shuttling DDIL (dear daughter-in-law) around to all of her many things, PLUS getting all three young ladies ready for school DD#1, DD#2, and DDIL (she is in college) ready for school I have lost track of time. Here is a picture of the beautiful couple...

The first set of flowers are from Anorina. I LOVE THEM!! Thank you!

Next are the flowers from Lorraine. What is better than small flower in a large flower garden. I LOVE THEM!! Thank you!

To my July partner Janet and my August partner Ingrid your flowers are almost dome. I know I am behind and I am so sorry. They will be on their way to you soon.


Friday, August 26, 2011

August Hexies on the way to Iceland!

Watch out for the postman Edda!

Love from Heather 
(The Patchwork Heart) 
In England 

A gift ...

Thank you to Jane
for all the hard work you do
in making this lovely swap possible!

from Heather 
(The Patchwork Heart)
in England

Hexies received from Australia

Thank you so much to Doris in Australia for my pretty pink and green floral hexies, they fit well into my flower garden :) Thank you also for taking the time to look up Cath Kidston and work out my colour scheme!
Heather (The Patchwork Heart) x

Jorie I have some hexy's headed your way!!!!!

Sure hope you like them and that they are citrisy enough.

August Hexies from Deb Ramsay

I feel so Blessed, I have just recieved my August Hexies from Deb Ramsay with two gorgeous Fat Quarters. Thank you so much Deb, the Hexies and the Fabric are beautiful, you could not have known, but I love soft pinks, greens and yellows, so I couldn't be happier.Rosalie.
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Hexagon flowers from Narelle

Thank you for the beautiful hexies , Narelle

They are just perfect, blue

Sept hexies mailed to Ros

Here are the September hexies I just sent off to Ros in the U.K. I hope they don't get held up by Hurricane Irene that arrives this weekend. Kathie L in Allentown

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hexies on their way to Paula

Hexie flowers on their way from Texas, USA, to Paula O'Conner in Australia.

Hexagons Received

Just a quick post to let Coralie know I received my Hexagons -
They are just beautiful
 Thank you so much !!!
I posted my hexagons today - So they are on the way

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank you for the beautiful hexies Carolyn! They are lovely, my pic does not do them justice.


Lovely Hexies from Australia

All the way from Australia came these 2 beautiful Hexies. Thank you very much Lynette, I love them.

Hanne S. in Denmark

My first flowers have arrived!!!

Thank you Kris from Utah for my wonderful package. I received my two flowers, some charm squares, papers and a pattern. Very spolit indeed!!!
Deb R
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My first flowers are on their way!!

I have just posted off my first hexagons to Rosalie H. I hope you enjoy them!! I have put them on my blog so no peeking please :)
Deb R

in the mail...

Irene (Hilachas), I posted your August hexies today, first class.


Monday, August 22, 2011

From UK to USA

My August hexies are flying on their way to Kris in the USA - they were posted last Friday. They should hopefully get there this week sometime. Hope you like them Kris.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hexies flying to Canada

I have sent my first 2 flowers for the swap to Natasha in Canada a few days ago in Dover just before boarding the ferry to go back to France.
I finished my second flower on the way to the ferry so had to take the picture in the car with my jeans as background.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Thank You Jane and Joanne

I to got my welcome package today, thank you so much.

July hexies have arrived...

...and I love them.
 I'm going to add them to my Granny's Garden tonight as part of Friday Night Sew-In.
This is how my garden is looking so far.
 Thank you very much for my beautiful new flowers, Cynthia.  I think they will look wonderful in my garden.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July hexies arrived safely in England

Just returned home from 2 weeks in Texas, USA to find 2 lovely packages of hexies - my welcome from Jane and my July hexies from Irene in Texas ... where I had been on holiday!!! Thanks girls they are fab :)

I had posted my July hexies early to USA but haven't heard that they arrived, I am now wondering if I have read the lists wrong ... off to check again before I make for August :)

Heather x

Elizabeth Kenny, they are on their way!

Here are the 2 hexies I just mailed to Elizabeth

I think she'll like them

And here are the 2 hexies I just received from Anette!

These are sooooo cute and fit nicely in my garden!
She included a post card with pictures of a campground where they go on weekends to relax, it looks like a wonderful area in Denmark, I'm thinking near the ocean!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hexi arrived from Carol (July)

Huge thanks to Carol for my stunning flower it fits in perfectly !!
Sorry my camera died so will have to post piccys when its fixed :)

To Leslie in Canada

Hi Leslie

On the 15th of july i sent 2 flowers to you, did you get them?


My hexies arrived

Debra has let me know that her July hexies have finally arrived.  I'm so relieved as I thought they might have disappeared off to the Dead Letter Office as they took so long to get to her.  Here's what I sent as she asked for bright, fresh and modern flowers. So glad she liked them.

Hexies Sent Off to Swap Partner Down Under

I got my two hexies sent off to Deb Ramsay this morning!!  I hope you enjoy them once they arrive!!  I sure did enjoy making them!!  And Deb, if you want to be surprised, don't look at my blog!!  LOL!!!  Kris
I'm sorry if your flowers didn't arrive, but if you look at the everchanging lists, people are signing up and dropping out like crazy!
I don't think there is ever a deadline to be received, ie: by the 1st or the 15th or the end of the month.  We all try to be as responsible as we can. 
I've been in the swap since the beginning and I have sent mine a little bit late or sent them really early!  I've had a few late, but they do come along eventually, usually with an apology!
There have been lots of disasters around the globe.... from riots to hurricaines, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, postal strikes, etc.  Maybe your partner or their family member was injured in those disasters.  Maybe sending your hexie is not their first priority if they have lost everything they owned...
I'd like to say, don't worry, they will come!
Jane has had to drop out of the swap to keep track of us, and it was her idea to start the swap so she could enlarge her hexie garden!  If you look at the posting below this one, now Jane will have to email everyone to find out where you are in sending your hexies if you are late.  For everyone who drops out, she now has to send 2 hexies in their place!
Maybe we all need to make a pledge to be as responsible and kind as possible.  Maybe let your partner know you are late in sending, and how long the delay will be!  I think an email to whom is sending you is a good idea, just to let them know they are hung up somewhere and you have not received them, but they are hopefully in the mail?!?!
For me, I know I'm ahead of schedule, my August hexies are just going out, my July, September and November have already been sent!
Take care, Leslie

Missing in Action

I am receiving many e-mails about hexies that have not arrived over the last few months. I will do the following to make sure everyone gets their monthly hexies:

  • Contact your partner by e-mail and find out the status of your hexie (not done, done, posted)
  • Make hexies for everyone that did not receive one.
To ensure everyone communicated clearly I would like to have our members do the following:
  • E-mail your partner directly when you have sent and received your hexies- I will add e-mails to the members list.
  • When you make a post, please put in the label fields, your partners name. I have a label index on the blog so when you need to find a post made by your partner you can select their name.
  • E-mail me directly (Don't use any of my other e-mail addresses please) if you cannot make contact with your partner.

Hexagon flowers from Anne-Mette

I received these beautiful hexagon flowers from Anne-Mette (Denmark). Because I love 1800 century reproduction fabrics, she found these special fabrics - and I love them.

July flowers from Down Under

A lovely package arrived for me all the way from Australia.
My July hexie flowers from Debra of Oh Flotsam

One of each colour combination plus a gorgeous doilie - I love them, thank you so much Debra.

I sent my July hexie flowers and the September ones to their lucky recipients on 15th July, but as of yet I haven't heard whether they have arrived (unless I have missed a post on here).

Monday, August 15, 2011

July's Flowers?, I haven't seen any July flowers.
I think, it would be nice, if participaters would drop a mail or write in this blog, if they are late with their flowers. I might ask too much ....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

For Serenata

I was browsing through the Fat Quarter shop goodies and spotted this.

Hope it helps you get the feel for Aunt Grace type fabrics.

August Flowers in the Post

My August flowers have been posted on their journey to Simona in Croatia.
Happy gardening Simona :)

My First Hexies

I received my first hexies today from Victoria, Australia from Rosalie H. They are beautiful. Thanks a million.

Friday, August 12, 2011

July hexies for Joke

Finally the July hexies for Joke.I had no idea how the inches was mesasured diagonal or a side. After I received  the welcome package from Jane and Joanne I could start to make the hexies for Joke. I hope you like the hexies?