Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm sorry if your flowers didn't arrive, but if you look at the everchanging lists, people are signing up and dropping out like crazy!
I don't think there is ever a deadline to be received, ie: by the 1st or the 15th or the end of the month.  We all try to be as responsible as we can. 
I've been in the swap since the beginning and I have sent mine a little bit late or sent them really early!  I've had a few late, but they do come along eventually, usually with an apology!
There have been lots of disasters around the globe.... from riots to hurricaines, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, postal strikes, etc.  Maybe your partner or their family member was injured in those disasters.  Maybe sending your hexie is not their first priority if they have lost everything they owned...
I'd like to say, don't worry, they will come!
Jane has had to drop out of the swap to keep track of us, and it was her idea to start the swap so she could enlarge her hexie garden!  If you look at the posting below this one, now Jane will have to email everyone to find out where you are in sending your hexies if you are late.  For everyone who drops out, she now has to send 2 hexies in their place!
Maybe we all need to make a pledge to be as responsible and kind as possible.  Maybe let your partner know you are late in sending, and how long the delay will be!  I think an email to whom is sending you is a good idea, just to let them know they are hung up somewhere and you have not received them, but they are hopefully in the mail?!?!
For me, I know I'm ahead of schedule, my August hexies are just going out, my July, September and November have already been sent!
Take care, Leslie


  1. Well said, Leslie. We all need to communicate and lessen the work load for Jane.
    I'm going to make a couple of extra hexie flowers and send them to Jane. If a few of us did this she could set them aside and then when someone dropped out, or was unable to fulfill their commitment Jane could delve into this flower stash rather than having to replace all the missing flowers herself.
    The other thing we could all do is make an extra flower every now and again and send it to Jane for her own flower garden to ensure it grows along side ours.

  2. Hear Hear Thanks Leslie
    This has been a hard swap to understand sometimes. Jane has done a fantastic job and it is not right that she had to drop out.
    Hope people can be a little more understanding!!!
    Cheers Geniene

  3. I am new here but I could see right from the get go that this swap takes A LOT of time - Jane's time!! Thank you Jane!! And I am in on Melody's suggestion to make some extra hexie flowers for Jane's stash and for her garden!! Now, I just need to figure out how to add a "label field" so I can let my swap partner know I sent her hexies to her this (Monday) morning!! Kris

  4. I think that is just the key Leslie, communication. I certainly wasn't trying to upset anyone, just trying to track down wayward hexies.

    I think all we ask for is just that, communication, I don't think any of us are worried if they are a little late if we know. I always make a point of both posting on my blog and on this one when I send and receive flowers as well as thanking personally via email (or blog) when I receive them.

    Incidentally I have both emailed and commented on appropriate blogs to see if there was any problem (for the unreceived flowers) and also numerous times on a recipients blog to see if the hexies have arrived (asking for a response on either my blog or through email) and sadly had no response.

    I certainly wasn't critizing the fabulous work Jane has been doing. At the end of the day it shouldn't be her responsibility if the hexies don't arrive or lack of communication, that surely rests with the individuals who sign up for the swap commitment.

  5. Hi Serenata,
    I don't think anyone would think you were criticizing Jane. Everyone knows you are a gorgeous person. I think we are all just trying to think of ways to ease the huge workload this fabulous swap is generating for our lovely Jane.

  6. Well said, yes we all should be emailing and making friends with our swap partners too! Ive just returned home from holiday to find my 1st pair of lovely flowers and will blog today. Well done to Jane and thanks for all you do, what a shame she is not participating any more

  7. I think Melody summed up my feelings!


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