Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July hexies arrived safely in England

Just returned home from 2 weeks in Texas, USA to find 2 lovely packages of hexies - my welcome from Jane and my July hexies from Irene in Texas ... where I had been on holiday!!! Thanks girls they are fab :)

I had posted my July hexies early to USA but haven't heard that they arrived, I am now wondering if I have read the lists wrong ... off to check again before I make for August :)

Heather x


  1. I'm so glad your hexie flowers arrived and that you like them. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Texas. It has been SO hot here this year. Where in Texas did you go?

  2. We were staying in Corpus Christi visiting my husbands family, we had a week in Port Aransas at the beach and also visited Fredericksburg. It was too hot but we enjoyed the difference! Thank you! Heather

  3. Oh, wow! Fredericksburg. Did you see the signs to Rocksprings, Texas? It's where we have our ranch and about an hour's drive from Fredericksburg. I'm sure you saw how dry it is eveywhere and how our beautiful state is suffering because of the drought.


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