Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Missing in Action

I am receiving many e-mails about hexies that have not arrived over the last few months. I will do the following to make sure everyone gets their monthly hexies:

  • Contact your partner by e-mail and find out the status of your hexie (not done, done, posted)
  • Make hexies for everyone that did not receive one.
To ensure everyone communicated clearly I would like to have our members do the following:
  • E-mail your partner directly when you have sent and received your hexies- I will add e-mails to the members list.
  • When you make a post, please put in the label fields, your partners name. I have a label index on the blog so when you need to find a post made by your partner you can select their name.
  • E-mail me directly hexagonswap@gmail.com (Don't use any of my other e-mail addresses please) if you cannot make contact with your partner.


  1. Jane, I think it is very generous of you to offer to send hexies to anyone who has not received, BUt I personally don't think that should be your responsibility. Sure it's annoying when we send hexies and don't receive anyting in return, but that's a chance we take when we sign up for something like this. How many members do we have now? If you are receiving emails about this, are you seeing the same names over and over? I would certainly be willing to be a Hexie angel to help out when needed.

  2. You are too generous Jane :) ... but I don't think it is necessary to send flowers to those who haven't received theirs ... that's just how the cookie crumbles and all swaps have hiccups.

    If we can all communicate when flowers are sent or received or going to be late. That's what this blog is for after all. I love seeing all the different colours flowering all over the world.

    I'll be putting my name, my partners name and the month in the 'label' in my posts from now on.

  3. I am also of the opinion that Jane should not be replacing missing hexies. It is the responsibility of the people in the swap to do the right thing. I know that disasters happen and swaps are the last thing on peoples minds but if we had e-mail addresses the we could drop our sender a" hope all is okay" message so then we wouldn't worry.I've had some go MIA and always feel guilty with burdening Jane with it. Jane you do a FANTASTIC job and I am more than happy to make extras if you need them. Love this swap, long may it continue.

  4. I also don't think it is your responsibility Jane, and hence the reason I haven't emailed you, but rather tried to contact my hexie flower partner for the appropriate month to see if there was any problem. To such end I have received no reply, so I am assuming that either there is a problem, or they no longer are part of the swap.

    I wasn't trying to criticize, rather trying to reach out to find out if there was a problem.

    I think communication is the key and surely that isn't too much to ask, having the respect to reply, or to let people know that hexies have been sent or arrived.

    Putting the persons name in the label box is a good idea.

    I have made further comments in the later post as well.

    I am sorry if I have offended, that certainly wasn't my intention.

    Yes of course allowances need to be made for various issues that are happening around the globe, and I always allow extra time when expecting post from abroad, which is more often the case.

  5. HI everyone, thank you for your beautiful comments. They are all wonderful ideas and suggestions and I am sure we can all make this work. As I said, I am happy to fill in and make hexies for people ( although I am bit slow these days in getting them finished). I want this swap to be fun and without stress. Nothing is perfect and all we can do is keep trying to make it enjoyable. Let's keep the lines of communication open and we can only improve and streamline it. My garden will grow eventually. Sometimes you have to let the soil rest so the next crop is better. Happy hexagoning.

    P.S I heard some great advice about communication on the radio the other day - Written communication is so hard as it lacks the emotions and body language associated with one on one conversation. We often get offended by what we read in e-mails because we can easily misinterpret it. In this electronic age we must learn to dismiss all we read in e-mails and seek the truth in the lost art of face to face communication.

    While face to face is not an option with people across the globe I never think much about e-mails and their contents. I just think about the lovely people behind them.

  6. I think it should just be compulsory to post when you send your hexies (but don't include a photo if you want it to be a surprise). That way it can be traced easily. Also, maybe all members who haven't posted their hexies by the last day of the month should make a post to say so, no guilt or judgement, no explanation necessary, just a courtesy. It might make for a lot of small posts around the end of the month but it's a lot less work for you than having to chase them all up and it makes us all responsible for our own hexies.

    I like the idea of including names and months in the tags, it does make it easier to search. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with the tags at the moment.


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