Monday, September 26, 2011

October Lists

Hi everyone, we have had a few changes this month.

Ellen Hurd is having a break and will return next year. Ellen has kindly posted her September flowers to her partner.

We have four new members to replace those who have left the swap over the last few months. Please welcome:

  • Terry (USA)
  • Erica (USA)
  • Janelle (AUS)
  • Lisa (UK)
I have sent out the October Roster and Members lists with the updates. If I have missed something, please tell me and I will make the correction(s).


  1. Welcome to all the new swappers!! This is a great group!! And thanks for the new list, Jane!!! Your efforts are VERY much appreciated!! Kris

  2. Welcome!! You are going to have so much fun swapping here!!

  3. Welcome to the new members. I look forward to swapping with you some time.

  4. Thanks for adding me in I'm really looking forward to this. I posted my first flowers out last week, hope they reach the USA soon.
    Lisa x


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