Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farewell Marta and Jennifer D

Sadly Marta and Jennifer D will be leaving the swap. I have not indication from Marta if she has made her hexies for September and October. I have e-mailed Marta and have had not response. So if you are reading this post Marta, please tell us if you have sent your last hexies.


  1. Hi Jane
    Yes, I did sent out my August and Sept Hexies but sadly I dont know if they were received or liked :(
    I will send out my last October Hexies as schebule
    Thank you again

  2. Oh Marta and Jennifer. Sad to see you go. Take care!!

  3. Sorry to see you leaving Marta.
    I haven't yet received your hexies for September but I'll let you know when I get them


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