Thursday, December 29, 2011

Missing hexies maybe?

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2012 proves to be perfect for everyone of you.

Like Patti, I'm wondering if my hexies from Paula (November) or Jane (December) are on their way.  I'd hate you to have sent them and think me rude for not acknowledging them.  Hopefully I'm just being impatient (and I do realise December is not even over yet) and they will arrive safely.

It would be great if people could just quickly send off an email to their hexie recipient at the beginning of the month saying something like

Hi, I'm your swap partner this month and your hexies will be on their way next week...

or whenever it will be.  Or you could let the person know you are running a bit behind and their hexies will be late.  That way no one will be going out to their letterbox expectantly each day but will have some idea when their hexies will arrive and can keep a lookout for them.
I'm going to do this each month from now on.

I try very hard to be a good swapper and really want to do the right thing.  I think we all need to get together and sort out the issue of missing hexies before we lose more members or leave others disappointed.
I know we all want to see our hexie gardens grow in 2012.


  1. That sounds like a brilliant idea.. we all have email addresses (don't we?). I know some people don't like to post pictures beforehand and ruin the surprise, but an email enquiry shouldn't ruin it.

    Just a "I put them in the post today, please let me know when you receive them", or even "I posted them a week ago, have you received them yet?"

    I try to get mine out by the end of the month, but if I don't then I email the recipient to let them know I'm running late.

  2. Good idea i get mine done as soon as i get the info and i do worry as to wether they have arrived safely or not.

  3. Really fine idea to let eachother know when mailed and recieved. I still miss my october block and don`t know if it IS posted for me ?
    I also miss my december block and also don´t know if it is posted ?
    It is often a problem in swaps that not all write and tell. It is a pity for a fine swap.
    I have signed out now for the same reason.
    Best wishes
    Ingrid Denmark


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