Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nov, Dec Hexies in my Growing Garden!

Happy New Year!
Here are pictures of the November hexies from Jan.  Aren't they cute?
Here are the December hexies I received.  The Christmas Hexies came right before Christmas from Lynette in Brisbaine!! These are very Shabby Chiq!  I love them!
I also wanted to share my hexies from the past year!
I have 15 in total!  I am in the initial dozen or so who joined up at the beginning of the Swap in November 2010!  (The light was poor and the picture is a little blurry!)
I just love it, I find it only takes 3 evenings watching TV to make 2 hexies.  Plus it helps me to use up my stash!
I have set up a container with 2.5 inch square packages I cut up from leftover fabrics from projects.  I find it so handy to quickly whip up a pair of these beautiful little flowers!  I have a few fabric packages to make some of my own hexies too.
Here's a toast to YOU as we continue on on 2012!

Have a very Happy Hexie New Year!
Take care, Leslie

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