Friday, April 13, 2012


My computer crashed and I am still waiting to get a new one and hoping to be able to safe as much as posibly from the old one.
But I need your help with a link. I am printing the hexagons and had a link, where I could find the 1" hexagons for printing. Can you help me with this link?
It would be great.

Thank you so very much for your quick answers :-) (and links). I knew, there would be some helpful quilters to help. Now I will be able to go on sewing ....



  2. Hi Jane!
    Could we link up these sites onto the blog?
    Easy link for new hexie stitchers?
    If anyone else has any links to tutorials, could we let Jane know so she can add a link to the right side bar?
    Thanks, Leslie,

  3. here's the one I use -

  4. Thanks to RockGranny, that's a particularly easy one to use, the way she has lined the hexagons up on the paper. When I browsed her site I also liked the way she work with squares of fabric instead of laboriously cutting out hexagons. They are so easy to work with.


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