Friday, May 18, 2012

Delayed April Flowers for Joke and May flowers received !

Hi Joke!  edits below added May 18, 2012.
I'm sorry these are delayed!  but here they are in Canada's red and white colours!
I will add the info you request on the centre.
I should have these in the mail to you in the next few days.
I tied myself up in a big project with little payoff, never again, yes Hubby, I learned my lesson!
Yes, my May flowers are next..... they will probably arrive after the end of May.
I also received these lovely flowers from Cynthia with this cute card!
Thanks Cynthia!
Dawn also sent me some lovely flowers for March, I think, but I have them hidden away securely as we are selling our house and I am showing off my sewing room, LOL, so didn`t bring them out for a picture.

For anyone new to the Hexie swap, please see the tutorials Jane has listed in the upper right corner!
I know we are all doing these in our own way, but maybe the tutorials will help in a small way.
You will see in my red and white flower above, I sew with silk thread so you can't see it, and join my petals together in a circle.
Then, with the centre part, I sew around the inside of the petals and then sew the last of the petal together.  I found those black bulldog clips or paper clips, help to hold the petals out of the way as I work along.
I also use the black clip to hold the 2 petals together as I add the new one to the circle, really helps to decrease my thumb pain and stiffness!
PS:  these instructions for making hexies are just what works for me.  There are in NO WAY meant to point fingers at anyone else's style or technique.
Just wanting to share and make mention to the tutorials Jane has posted on the above right of the blog.
If you are thinking I was complaining about anyone in particular, I sincerely apologize.  This was not my intention.
Take care, Leslie

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