Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm a slack swapper...

but I have been communicating with my partners if I haven't posted by end of month, so I guess that's a small saving grace.

I am overdue on sharing photos of flowers I have received, so here are my lovely flowers for April, from Anna.
Lucky me also got some fabric pieces!

And my May flowers from Lori, lucky me (again) got THREE flowers!!
I'm loving watching my garden grow.  It will be so beautiful when it makes a quilt.
It's also fun seeing people's interpretation of my colour preference.  I had a picture in mind when I wrote it, and some flowers turn up looking very different to that picture, but they are all so lovely and will make the final garden so much more varied that I could have imagined!  I guess that's part of the fun of having other people make us flowers, we get flowers that are totally different to what we would have done ourselves.

I'm still working on my April and May flowers for Susan and Celine.  I had the fabric all cut out and sat down to have a sewing session but then realised I'd run out of my hexagon cards so am waiting for my delivery from Possum Blossom.  Your hexagons are coming ladies, I promise!

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