Thursday, June 28, 2012

MIA Hexies

It saddens me to say that many people have dropped out of the swap over the last few months due to the disappointment of not receiving their monthly hexies. Some poor recipients are missing 5 months of hexies.

I have made a few extra hexies this month to send to people who did not receive hexies from their partners over the last few months and probably will never receive them.

While I try to replace all missing hexies, it is quite an extra work load for me. I have been thankful for the hexie angels that made me many to distribute in cases like these but even with these I am way behind. I do wait until I have exhausted all avenues of communication and realise that these people shall never receive their hexies.

Sometimes our lives get complication and very busy. If you feel you cannot make 2 hexies a month and have them posted and make contact with your partner, then e-mail me and I will remove you from the lists. You may wish to leave altogether or just for a couple of months. I ask you to complete a lll outstanding hexie flowers, up to and including the month you finish.

On the rare occasion, hexies can go missing in the post. Important things to know about posting your hexies. Anything you post overseas must have a customs declaration form. A letter can be held up for weeks if there are other objects inside that customs have to check. Make sure you declare everything inside the envelope i.e 2 paper/fabric hexagon flowers, card

We quilters and crafters are a great bunch of people who care. Make your hexies with love and send them as a precious gift to your partner each month. You will be surprised how 2 little hexies can bring so much joy.

Happy hexagoning, Jane x


  1. I have been behind but I have sent out all my hexis except June. I have only had word back from one lady in USA that they have been recieved and they were all sent together.....

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work keeping us going. I have been a part of this swap a long time. I have enjoyed it a lot. I would like to help with those Angel Flowers. Do I make any kind or do they need to made for a specific person. Let me know how I can help!


Please leave a comment telling us what wondrous flowers are growing in your hexie gardens