Sunday, June 10, 2012

To all of you lovely "Girls"

I have been a part of this swap for a year now, just counted my hexi's - 25 - and I have startet to put the flowers together.

Watching soccer european championship in television with my husband, I started. Very nice time in the living room, my husband shout at the television (the players) and I shout when I get the needle in the fingers.

BUT - what I really want to say is:

Im proud, that so many "girls" are being a part of my quilt, and proud to be a part of all your projects. I allready have a name for my quilt - Flowers of the World - that sounds good i think. :-)

I know I know, i need lots of flowers - so thank God - I have to stay in this Swap for years. I wish you all a good Summer and all of you down under a good Winter.


  1. I love the name you've chosen for your quilt. I know you have lots of beautiful flowers to add to it.

  2. The name is perfect and pretty flowers.

  3. I love the name. Thank you for being a part of the swap and making such beautiful flowers for our garden too.

  4. That's my flower in the middle! It looks so pretty with the others you have! I love the name of your quilt, can't wait to see it grow.

  5. Das ist ein schöner Name für einen Quillt.
    Und die grüne Umrandung sieht Klasse aus.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. I agree Anette, it is a perfect name for your Quilt. It is wonderful to receive Hexie Flowers from unseen "Friends" around the world. Best wishes Rosalie.


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