Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cloak of Shame

I am currently wearing the cloak of shame I have got so far behind with the hexie flowers that I am thinking it might be better I pull out as of August until I have caught up.

I have no real excuse, I just can't seem to get myself motivated to do any hand sewing, cutting etc at the moment.  Whether this is due to the medication I am (now on highest dose, plus something else to counteract some of the side effects) or due to the absolutely rotten weather we are having here, but I really am struggling to get things done.  The flowers aren't the only thing that seem to be suffering.  Whilst I feel bad that I am behind, I don't seem to feel bad enough for that motivation and guilt that normally drives me - this I think IS due to the medication.  So for those who are STILL waiting for there flowers...I think I am at least May, June and July behind - if I also owe April...please do email me and let me know as I'm really not sure where I am at now and I WILL get them done as soon as I can get my head round things.

I have received three lovely sets of hexies the last week, so I will post photos and thank you's for them tomorrow when I can get some photos taken.

I will also email Jane with this information so she knows where I am at.

I can only say sorry, and hope to get them done soon.

Lorraine aka Serenata  'thebalancingkiwi.blogspot.com'


  1. Hi Lorraine!
    It is the cloak of shame that keeps us deep in the HOLE!
    Please shed the cloak and a replace it with a lovely new cloak called
    I will also wear the cloak
    these 2 cloaks help me to keep taking 1 step at a time and moving forward, even baby steps!
    how about if you just start with pulling out some fabrics, pick any month, and cut 12, 2.5 inch squares and 2 centres.
    Just leave them on the cutting board to perculate. They will germinate the thread and then the templates you use.
    Once your recipe ingredients are together, make your hexies....
    before you know it, 2 hexies will be made!
    I sincerely hope you will not drop out, you are part of our Hexie Community, we cannot loose, even one of us!
    The sky will not fall in because your hexies are late!
    Please email me if you would like, lesquilts@gmail.com
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Hi Lorraine, I am your May 2012 swap partner. I will make two flowers for my garden and they can be from you. That is two less you need to make. The swap is supposed to be fun. Maybe you should check with your Dr. about the side effects of your meds?
    Happy Quilting, Terry in California

  3. What lovely positive comments from Leslie and Terry, and very good advice, Good Luck Lorraine, keep smiling, things will get better. Cheers Rosalie.

  4. Lorraine - Just hang in there!! Life does tend to get in the way of all our quilting fun!! Take care of yourself first and the rest will come!! Many blessings upon you!!! Kris in Idaho


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