Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting ahead of the hexis

Life got a little hectic the past few months with the transition to a full-time job (hooray!) and a teenager and taking on a farm business and ... and ... and ... All the hexis I owe are in the mail and/or have arrived at their destination!
These two are for Joanne in Australia. This was my first attempt at attempting to match a fussy cut on all petals. I didn't realize the secondary star pattern would emerge, pretty cool. 
The cute scotties and birds on floral backgrounds are for Rosalie in Australia.
The above went to Edda in Iceland (pinks) and Kristina in Missouri (purples).

Kate' & now


  1. Beautiful hexies! I have a project that I am working on and hope to finish soon. Judith, Texas

  2. Kate they are beautiful Hexies, well worth waiting for, I look forward to mine arriving,With Thanks and Best Wishes from Rosalie.

  3. Got 'em! They are so cute - thank you!


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