Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hexies from Kate

Received my October hexies today from Kate Holestine in the USA, thanks Kate, they were worth waiting for.

I have made a start on my November hexies for Lorraine Tyler.  Sorry I am a bit behind with these but I have been in Houston for the Quilt Festival and only just got over the jetlag, it was really bad this time.  Thankfully they only have to travel 'down the road' so to speak as Lorraine is also in the UK.

In September I sent my hexies to Natasha Spicer and despite 2 emails, I haven't hear from her that they have arrived.  If you are out there Natasha, can you please let me know.  Also, I have received my September hexies but have given up on them.


  1. Good Luck with Hexies from Natasha Spicer Pat, I did not receive May Hexies from her, no e-mails have ever been answered, I sent Hexies to Natasha in August asking her to let me know when they arrived, have heard nothing. It is very disappointing.Cheers Rosalie.

    1. Interesting to hear that you had the same problem Rosalie, I too have given up on my hexies arriving from her. I feel a bit cross as if she is doing this to everyone she is getting a free ride and not doing her bit in return. Ah well, such is life, guess there is nothing we can do about it! Pat


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