Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yes, I'm still here...

Hello hexagonflowerfriends!

It's about time to let you know that I didn't forget about you and that I'm working hard to get all the hexies to the ladies I still have to sent hexies to.

Let me start by mentioning that I received ALL the flowers for the 2012 swaps. And in case I didn't thank everyone: Thank you all!!! I welcomed each and every envelop with flowers. They were all great.
One of these days I hope to make a picture of all the flowers I received so far.

Last week I received the nov.2012 flowers from Lara Geach. Thank you Lara! I really love the colours you've chosen.

And now about my hexaflowerobligations.
Last month I put in the mail the envelopes for:
Patti Hokanson (july 2012)
Celine Combat (august 2012)
Joanne Fordham (september 2012)
I hope your flowers are in your mailbox soon!

I still have to mail flowers to:
Heather Leal (june 2012)
Deb Pflager (oktober 2012)
Ros Burton (november 2012)
Lori Jones (december 2012)

I know I'm late... very, very late... but I promise you that you'll get your flowers!!

Happy hexing! Joke

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  1. Thank you Joke for this post letting others know their hexies are coming. I appreciate you letting us all know that you are going to follow through with your commitments.


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