Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yes, for me this is a real hexaflowerweekend ;-)
Yesterday I put the october 2012 flowers in the mail for Deb Pflager. Better late than never....
Also did I post the march 2013 flowers for Lara Geach.
I hope my flowers will reach you soon!

And this morning the mailman brought me TWO envelopes with hexaflowers!!
I received two lovely flowers from Irene Vigil for the february 2013 swap:

And more lovely flowers from Grit Kovacs for the march 2013 swap:

Grit also added a sweet panel and a wonderful bookmark.

Thank you ladies; you made my day!

I'm almost up-to-date with my own flowerswap obligations. Two more to go:
  • the november 2012 flowers for Ros Burton
  • the december 2012 flowers for Lori Jones
I hope to make and send them within soon Ros and Lori!

Have a nice weekend,

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  1. I love all your new hexies - especially the brilliant blue ones. I'm so happy to hear that you are catching up too. Thanks for letting your swap partners and me know how you'are doing with the catch up.


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