Monday, March 4, 2013

March swap list

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you've all received the March swap list which I sent out yesterday.  Please let me know asap if you think you should have received it but didn't, or if there are any problems with the list.

Please welcome out three new members this month: Sandra Scharch, Ana Ferrao and Maree Graff.  

Three people have also decided to leave the group this month.  We are saying good-bye to Anna Schuring, Deb Ramsey and Terry Fischer.  We are sorry to see you go but hope you'll come back to show off whatever you make with your hexies! 

I have taken all the addresses of people who are not currently in the swap off the master list.  This is just to make it less confusing for me.  If you still owe hexies to someone who has left the group and need their address, please contact me as I have the old addresses still.

We still have two spaces in the group as well, so if you know anyone who wants to join please let them know to contact me.

Here are my beautiful hexies received from Irene for the January swap.

And here is a sneak peek for Ana Ferrao of the February swap hexies that are winging their way to her in Portugal.  (The trick being, of course, that they aren't actually green, grey and white.)  They left last Thursday Ana.  I hope they reach you soon.



  1. I'm a bad swapper. I'm notoriously late (I haven't posted Jan yet even though they've been made for a month now), and I forget to email and post photos... but you will get your flowers from me eventually, I'm not going to disappear without fulfilling my commitments.
    I hope you're still happy to have me in the group.

  2. I'd love to know more about how the swap works could you let me know some more details I'm based in the UK x

  3. So Janet, now I can´t wait to see how my hexies look for real. One thing I´m sure, they are batiks! They will be the first flowers in my garden. I recently bougth more batik fabric to make Hexies, welcome!


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