Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have finally caught up with all my hexies, yeah! I have spent a large number of hours in the car in the last couple of weeks so I have done a lot of hand sewing.

I finished a set of hexies for Erica who wanted fussy cut or borders or stripes with a coordinating solid centre. I made 3 because I am late (February), I hope they are suitable for her garden.
I also finished my flowers for Dorrit (March) who wanted blue with blue centre and pink with yellow centre.
And finally 2 flowers for Edda (April) who wanted repro fabric with a white centre.
I have also received some gorgeous flowers from Beverly (Dec)
and these ones from Ana (March)
And I am only missing my February flowers now...

All caught up now... until next month!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're caught up. Love the stripey one in the first photo the most.

  2. Yes celine, and I love my flowers. somehow I am not good at chosing colourful fabric for myself, so your 2 flowers for my garden will be perfect colourful spots =0)


Please leave a comment telling us what wondrous flowers are growing in your hexie gardens