Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thanks to Anette Johannsen and Beverly Kirk

Wow! Party at my mail box. I am the lucky recipient of some beautiful new flowers to add to my garden.
Anette from Denmark sent me beautiful flowers in blue and turquoise.

Beverly from Oklahoma sent me a blue polka dot flower and a fun red, white and blue star flower. I am making a red, white and blue patriotic table runner for my kitchen table--to use in July. It couldn't be more perfect.
Thanks dear friends for your hard work on my behalf--what an awesome group to belong to.
Enjoy this beautiful spring/fall weather--wherever you are in the world. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. Looks like I could travel anywhere right now and enjoy the beauty of the seasons.

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  1. That is one patriotic hexie flower!! Love the polka dots.


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