Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swap Partners for May

Hi all,

I have just sent out the swap partners for May.  Please check the lists for both who you are giving to and who you are receiving from and let me know right away if you see any problems.  If you think you were supposed to get this list and you didn`t, please let me know as well.

We are saying good-bye to Patti H.  this month.  Patti has some hexie flowers still outstanding and I have asked her to be in touch with those who are waiting for them to let you know when she will have them in the mail to you.

We have four new members this month.  Please welcome sisters Alana and Simone from Australia, Anne-Lise from Denmark and Jan from Georgia, USA.

I think it would be fun to put up a map showing where our swappers are from.  If anyone knows how to do that please get hold of me.  I will be trying to figure it out....

Happy Spring everyone!
Volunteer violas popping up in my potted chives.  A sure sign of spring although there is still lots of snow outside.


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  1. Thanks, Janet, for your work in keeping us organized. I think the map idea is great but have no idea how you would go about doing that. I'll be anxiously waiting to see if someone comes up with an idea.


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