Thursday, June 6, 2013

a little wish........

I was wondering.....
My garden is slowly growing with help from all you lovely fellow-swappers. I don´t keep the envelopes, but put the flowers in one large stack.
I can point out which flowers I made myself and the ones I received through the swap - BUT  I realise that I don´t know from whom I received most of the flowers. So here is my little wish:
Please write your name and country on the backsite of the flowers.........


  1. When I remember to take a photo to post to the group, I take a photo with the card and/or envelope that comes with it so I always have a reminder! I know that doesn't help for your current collection.

    Maybe you could post a photo of your collection and we can all point out our flowers to you to help you catch up!

  2. One of the original swap guidelines was to write your name on one of the papers on the back of the flower. Some people do it, some don't. If I receive a flower without that info, I write it on myself. I record name and the month and year of the swap.


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